Fizzle Wiz the Fantastic Wizzle

A Letter received

My dearest friends and compatriots,

If you are receiving this letter, it means that I have succumbed to a troubling fate and am either missing, dead, or possibly in quite worse circumstances. This letter comes from the attendant of my estate, of which lies in the heart of the Grey Patch. I am bonded with a task of great importance. This bond has been passed down from generation to generation, beginning with my Great, Great Grandfather Ralphin Magekiller, of whom has traveled the vast multiverse in pursuit of a Wizard of great power and ill repute. The bond continued to my Great Grandfather Clayphin: Man of men, then to my Grandfather Singephin Burnthands, and Father Dredgphin: The Valorous Scythe, until they became too old and frail to maintain chase of the ever evasive gnome. I took up this task, and like them, have met characters and creatures and beasts of power and uniqueness beyond anything of which you could possibly imagine. Your presence is requested to attend a small gathering of fellows at my manor. Please honor me with your attendance as a great feast will be supplied in your honor.


Greyphin Two-Toes



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